Moxa Torch with Muti-purpose Tools

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Moxa Torch with Muti-purpose Tools

A regular lighter as one would use for cigarettes is less likely to light a moxa stick evenly than this one, as it takes a longer time and requires more precision. This handy, refillable moxa torch is a reliable and versatile tool, making it easier and safer to light your moxa sticks. Its practical integrated tools can be used to open moxa packages, among other uses.

  •  Dimension: 89.4x43.5x21.0 (mm)
  • Weight: 78.4g
  • Plated with high-quality nickel
  • Gun shaped design with multi-purpose tools, including a sharp knife, a spring-action scissors, and a bottle opener, nail file
  • This moxa torch works on butane fuel, which is refilable and can be purchased from your local Canadian Tire
  • Note: this torch is empty upon delivery for safety reasons, please refill butane gas by yourself. (The price doesn’t include the butane fuel)

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