Moxa Sticks with Self-adhesive base

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  • Moxa sticks with self-adhesive base are made of pure cone with a burning of 10 to 12 minutes 
  • Easy to use: Peel off the self-adhesive base and stick up the lighted moxa 
  • With the self-adhesive stickers, you will be able to apply on the skin directly and it will remain in place 
  • The box comes with 30 mini moxa cones: 35 mm x 7 mm pure moxa with base diameter: 12 mm x 30 mm 
  • A breathing hole goes through the moxa still, in order to allow indirect and gentle heat from the moxa on the top of the skin
  • This is a safer and convenient option to use compared to traditional moxa sticks
  • These handy moxa cones allow the practitioner to apply heat on more than one point at a time
  • Can also be given, with proper instruction, to the patient for home use 
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