Moxa Essence Plus Dropper

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Moxa Essence Plus Dropper

All the benefits of Moxa and none of the smoke!

Moxa Essence Plus Dropper is nearly odourless. This liquid Moxa dropper allows you to practice moxibustion without having to use an open flame or embers. Spread 2-3 drops on the desired points of the body then apply external heat; re-apply two to three times during treatment. You can substitute fire for a hairdryer or a heat lamp.

     keep out of reach of children

     do not use during pregnancy

     do not apply on an open wound

     shake well before use

     for external use only


30 ml. No oil.

IngredientsTincture (1:5 in 25% alcohol) of the following herbs:Ai Ye(Folium artemisiae ), Chuan Xiong (Radix Ligustici), Du Zhong(Cortex Eucommiac), Rou Gui(Cortex Cinnamomi), Huai Niu Xi (Radix Achyanthis)

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