Massage Table Warmer

  • Massage Table Warmer
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  • Massage Table Warmer with control pad directly attached to table warmer
  • Highly adjustable
  • Ten different heat settings from 37 to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Ten auto-off timer settings from one to ten hours
  • Even, thorough heat
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For the ultimate comfort and peace-of-mind, try Lierre’s highly adjustable table warmer!

Lierre’s control-activated table warmer has ten different heat settings, ranging from 37 to 60 degrees Celsius (98.6 to 140 Fahrenheit). Designed to only heat up when clients lie down on it, it straps on securely to your table and provides an even heat. Its mechanism is equipped with another set of controls which enable you to toggle the heat’s duration: the table will automatically turn off after one hour on the lowest setting, and after 10 hours on the highest. Easy to maintain, it only needs to be rubbed down with a bit of detergent or soft soap.