Makeup Brush Cleaner Glove with Handy Hook

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  • This brush will save you time and money in the long term.
  • Available in 3 different colors: Purple, Fuschia and Turquoise
  • Avoid both cross-contamination and bacterial build up
  • Long lasting
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This innovative silicone makeup brush cleaner glove that is super practical and easy to use for every makeup artists and enthusiasts. If you use this brush cleaner you will save so much time, and it will ensure that your brushes are cleaner than ever!

You can work in seven screw thread design to Rinse, wash and Refine Plus. A wavy, a groovy, a cross hatched, a small nubs, a heart shaped, a maze design, and Big Small Lines areas, so that you can clean a wide variety of brushes; for eyes as well as faces.


Step 1: Rinse brushes with running water

Step 2: Apply liquid soap on the brushes

Step 3: Gently swirl the brushes back and forth on the different textures on the mat

Step 4: Rinse the brushes under running water and get off the soap residues