Lotus Pond

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Lotus Pond

Size 43.5cmx53.5cm

          17”x 21”


The painting’s full name is “an interesting moment in lotus pond.”The lotus flower is heavily associated to spirituality, both in and outside of China. In Chinese painting iconography, it is associated to harmony. The bird depicted in this painting is an American Robin, which signifies love in part due to its pleasant song. By painting a North American bird and a Chinese flowerand linking the themes of harmony and love, this painting depicts the beauty of international friendships and the value of cross-cultural understanding.


There are innumerable styles, schools and categories of Chinese painting, as is perhaps to be expected for such an ancient tradition. This painting can be included into freehand style under bird and flower painting category, and it is very similar to the expressionist freehand painting in Ming and Qing dynasties, which reflect the artists’ state-of-mind rather than represent their subjects faithfully.


There are two main ways to represent subjects in Chinese painting: the figurative, which closely imitates the subject’s physical appearance, and the impressionistic style, which involves artistic touches and flourishes that make the subject seem more pleasing, or that emphasize some of its different aspects. The abstract quality of this painting makes it typical of the impressionist style.

This painting is one of the most richly colorful works produced by the artist, and its vivid style makes the flower and bird seem alight with life.

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