Long Island Strawberry

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Long Island Strawberry

This fruity sencha mix has a gorgeous amber colour when brewed, and it makes a great, refreshing summer beverage. Luscious, sweet strawberry and dried papaya piecescomplement this exceptionally smooth sencha green tea perfectly: these welcome additions bring out sencha’s naturally sweet notes. Though delicious freshly infused, it makes a truly fantastic ice tea - but it’s not to be confused with the popular alcoholic drink!

Caffeine Level: Medium

Regin of Origin: Hunan, China.

Ingredients: Luxury Sencha green tea, freeze dried strawberry, natural dried papaya, and natural flavours.


Steeping Suggestions: Use one teaspoon (3g) of tea per 6oz cup of water. Steep at 72-80°C (160-176°F) for 2-3 minutes.


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