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Lightness Balm 100g

As its name suggests, this balm is particularly effective in massages for tired, heavy legs and feet, with a wonderfully fresh sensation. Composed of oils extracted from plants with therapeutic properties such as ginkgo biloba, this balm contains peppermint oil, and it is particularly soothing for muscular and articular tensions and pain, without causing the sometimes unpleasant burning sensation that excess menthol can bring about.

This wonderfully soft balm is made from organic vegetal oils with among others soybean oil and organic-vegetal butter, dry rice oil and anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E. Composed from extracts of red vine, witch hazel and organic ginkgo biloba, Indian chestnut tree and pure peppermint and cypress essential oils, this balm is beloved for its use in leg and foot massages.

  • Silky, soft texture with a great glide
  • Fresh and light sensation
  • Woodsy aroma that is simultaneously stimulating and relaxing
  • Soothes heavy legs, achy feet and swelling (legs and feet)
  • Useful for massages treating water retention and poor circulation


Approximate quantity for medium-sized individuals in summer. For legs and feet: 15ml.

Warm in palms before applying. Once the balm is thoroughly heated, apply gradually, without too much pressure, until it penetrates the skin on the whole treated region. Massage feet, then ankles and thighs with light, circular movements.

Avoid using on individuals suffering from hypertension. Counterindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding individuals, and to children less than 2 years old. Do not apply on mucous regions, eyes or on irritated skin.

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