Life Size Fully Flexible Spinal Model

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Life Size Fully Flexible Spinal Model

This flexible spinal model clearly demonstrates the structure of the human spinal column and pelvis. Different color-coded parts illustrate the four different types of vertebrae, including the following:

  • 7 Cervical spine (C1-C7)
  • 12 Thoracic spine (T1-T12)
  • 5 Lumbar spine (L1-L5)
  • Sacrum and coccyx
  • Pelvis

This life sized model is fully flexible and can use for both professionals and medical students. The details on the anatomical model will be convenient for studying.

The following details are also shown on the model:

  • Squama occipitalis
  • Individual vertebrae
  • Paired arteria vertebralis
  • Intervertebral discs
  • Spinal nerves
  • Removable Male pelvis with symphysis
  • Prolapsed disc at L3/L4

Product details


1 human spine model, removable pelvis, stable stand


71cm/34 inches (Life size with pelvis)


4 lbs/1.9kg


Advanced PVC


Mounted on stand

This model is not only ideal for use in educational institutions but also clinics for the purpose of patient education. The removable pelvis will be easier for display and visualization. The durable material makes it last for a long time period. And it comes with a stable stand which could help the model to hold the position and shape. 

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