Le massage au-delà de la relaxation

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Le massage au-delà de la relaxation: les pouvoirs thérapeutiques du toucher

Centred on the integration of holistic therapeutic approaches to massage, Dr Michel Lorrain's work explains numerous practices which can be of use as complements to massotherapy, demonstrating the ways in which they can be useful and summarizing the ways in which they can be practiced. This book can thus serve as guide as well as a reference; Lorrain touches on enough subject to allow readers to learn more about a large number of underutilised techniques, while giving practical examples of their integration to the massage. The tone of the book is friendly, even warm, while handling its subjects seriously, and Dr Lorrain’s anecdotes and examples are as relevant as they are charming. Very accessible, this work is nevertheless rigorous enough to adequately answer most professional’s lingering questions about these techniques.

Among other topics, Dr Lorrain discusses philosophies of pain and pain management, practical approaches to mental health, weight loss, stress, and addiction, and broaches on techniques such as musicotherapy, trigger point massage, Swedish and Thai massage and reflexology. Lorrain details manoeuvres and techniques that can be used during massage, as well as different philosophical approaches to the patient/therapist relationship. The later section of the work suggests treatment options for common afflictions. 

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