Jade Soft™ Silicone Cupping Set, 10 Cups

Jade Soft™ Silicone Cupping Set, 10 Cups

  • Can be used on all types of muscle & joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neck and shoulder tension, stress
  • Helps you to remove wrinkles, promote blood circulation, regulate viscera function and keep healthy
  • Great Gift for the people and can be used by anyone, anywhere
  • Safe, hygienic, high quality medical grade silicone 

Our new set of jade silicone cups are transparent enough to monitor changes on the skin, and much softer and pliable than our regular model. These cups are therefore easier to use, and put less strain on the practitioner’s hands. Beginners, amateurs and professionals alike will appreciate these beautiful, jewel-like instruments.

Jade Soft Silicone Cupping Set 4 cups from lierre.ca

We added two body cups to the jade ones to give you a more comprehensive set of strategies to relieve pain, treat cellulite, and massage. These cups offer an incredibly powerful suction.

Silicone cups are made of medical grade silicone, a material that’s odorless, pliable, flexible, watertight and durable. These qualities ensure that silicone cups are elastic and soft, making them easy to squeeze and allowing practitioners to control the degree of suction; however, they are also thick enough to provide superior adherence.


Silicone cups can be used for deep tissue massage, a soft and gentle therapeutic cupping treatment, or anti-cellulite treatments. Silicone cupping is safe and hygienic for a variety of different treatments.

10 different diameters cups are included:

2 cup 66mm
2 cup 55mm
2 cup 39mm
2 cup 30mm

1 cup large

1 cup standard



Press the cup to squeeze out of the air and place it on the treatment area: it should create suction, gently lifting the skin. Remove the cup if it is painful. You can press the cup repeatedly and adjust the cup’s suction level based on your preference. For optimal effect, please try to push out all of the air in the cup, and make sure that no air enters into the cup during the treatment, as it may fall off.


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