Jade Soft™ Silicone Cupping Large

  • Jade Soft™ Silicone Cupping Large
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  • Jade Soft™ Silicone Cup Large is our newly manufactured cupping and offer many different features, and for the comfort of the practitioner and the patient. 
  • Can be used on all types of muscle & joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neck and shoulder tension, stress
  • Helps you to remove wrinkles, promote blood circulation, regulate viscera function and keep healthy
  • Great Gift for the people and can be used by anyone, anywhere
  • Safe, hygienic, high quality medical grade silicone 
  • Large Jade Soft™ Silicone cups are recommended to use on body, arms, legs, or calves.
  • Jade Soft™ Large silicone cup: inner diameter: 45mm, height:75mm
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Silicone Cuppings are made of medical grade silicone, a material that is odorless, pliable, flexible, watertight and durable. However, these are different from the clear ones, they are softer than the other ones because they have a higher percentage of liquid silicone (which makes it softer). The qualities are guaranteed that they are elastic and soft, which make the practitioners to control the degree of suction, and to squeeze easily to not hurt your fingers too much. However, they are still hard enough, and thick to provide a superior adherence.

Jade Soft™ Silicone cups features:

  • Softer for anyone to use. Teenagers, women that are not strong enough to squeeze the cups, or older people or even practitioners that use these everyday at work (don’t overuse your fingers)

  • Fancier and more aesthetic than the other ones, a pretty greener cupping   

Benefits of Jade Soft™ cupping therapy:

  • Relief for pain, muscles, tensions, stress

  • Detox the toxins, better blood flow, improve the lymphatic drainage

  • Alleviate cold, cough and allergy symptoms and also improve the respiratory system