Jade Gua Sha (fish-shaped)

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Jade Gua Sha (fish-shaped)

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese therapeutic practice widely used throughout the past centuries. Therapists scrape or rub gently specific areas on the patient’s body until their skin turns to red; sometimes, the patient’s skin turns a dark, almost purple shade of red, which signals that the treatment brought toxins to the body’s surface. From Western point of view, gua sha is a form of intense deep tissue massage.

Gua sha can effectively relieve muscle tension, muscle pain, cough, and nausea.

  • Made of Jade Stone, which contains beneficial minerals to skin beauty and body health
  • This particular wave form jade scraper is ideal for massaging the palms, fingers, finger joints and even the nose.
  • The ergonomic fish shaped Gua sha allows you to expertly apply pressure for better trigger point release, fighting of adhesions, and reducing atrophy.
  • Not only can be used for Gua Sha therapy, but also a perfect small handheld massager for deep tissue or trigger point.
  • Every piece is unique, the color might be slightly different. 
  • Ultra nice touch feeling that never hurt your skin.
  • 12cm long, 3.7cm wide.

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