Introductury Study of Huangdi Neijing

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Introductury Study of Huangdi Neijing

Introductory Study of Huangdi Neijing, English
By Luo Xiwen, Ph.D


Huangdi Neijing (Neijing), the Canon of medicine of the Yellow Emperor, magnum opus of traditional Chinese medicine, is a great treasure bestowed on us by chinese ancestors living some 2000 years ago.It is the oldest work of traditional Chinese medicine. All the aspects of the medicine are approached, with their treatment, and more particularly the acupuncture treatment.


It is almost impossible to really discuss such a great work within such a length. But this study may serve as a useful introduction to Neijing to those who are interested in the work but not know the Chinese langage. Therefore, it is entitled Introductury Study of Huangdi Neijing By Luo Xiwen. After reading this Introductory Study, the reader is given an overall view of this classic. Then naturally, the reader is prepared to dig into Neijing to search for valuable ideas and useful information from this ancient work for the sake of modern people.

Hardcover, 398 pages

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