Illustrated diagram for fast acupoint location

  • Illustrated diagram for fast acupoint location
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The text in the book is written in both English and Chinese.

Acupuncture points location is the essential part of acupuncture point. It plays an important role in practice acupuncture. And the results will also reflect the accuracy of acupuncture points’ insert location. This book uses both Chinese, English and plenty of pictures to help acupuncturists acquire the location of acupoints.

This book is divided in 19 chapters. The first chapter explains bone-length measurement method. This chapter reviews four methods for locating acupoints and the length of bones and fingers.

In the following chapters, there are divided into two parts. The first part discusses how to locate acupuncture points on 12 meridians and 2 vessels by using bone-length measurement method. The second part discusses how to located acupuncture the extra acupuncture points on head, upper limbs, lower limbs and back.

The book gives very clear instructions on locating different acupoints. It is a pocket book for all level of acupuncturist to have. The body pictures and detailed length of different body parts will provide you assistance for locating acupoints quickly.

In addition, the Chinese and English version together will help you learning Chinese.


104 pages

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