Huasun Smokeless Moxa Rolls

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Huasun Smokeless Moxa Rolls

Huasun smokeless moxa rolls are made from mugwort charcoal, ensuring that they have the same therapeutic benefits as regular moxa, but produce far less smoke. Its powerful heat penetrates acupoints efficiently, but doesn’t leave a strong odor or smoke, making it environmentally friendly. Each stick is about 11 cm long, and 1.3 cm wide.

Function and indications

  • Warms meridians, dispels cold
  • Moves Qi and opens channels
  • Promotes blood  circulation
  • Relieves pain
  • Lifts yang
  • Raises ptosis
  • Tonifies deficiencies
  • Prevents certain conditions
  • Relieves symptoms of illnesses caused by excess wind, cold and dampness



  • 15g per unit
  • 5 rolls per box, in a blister pack
  • Each stick is 11cm x 1.3 cm wide
  • Store in a dry, temperature-controlled space, avoiding strong vibrations
  • Can last up to 60 months


Note: Huasun changed its packaging from the familiar blue package to the new brown one; the product is the same. 

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