Horse Acupuncture Model

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Horse Acupuncture Model

Equine veterinary acupuncture is a fantastic form of complementary treatment for animals. More and more horse owners are turning to this type of medicine, in part because it does not involve Western veterinary practice’s sometimes ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to treatment.

This impressive model makes a great reference tool, and features 114 numbered acupuncture points. Mounted on a plastic base, it also includes an diagnostic instruction manual that makes acupoint location a snap and that gives recommendations for treatment.

  • Plastic horse model mounted on a wooden base. 
  • One side of the model shows 114 numbered acupuncture points, often used on the animal’s head, neck, buttock, tail and limbs, and the other side shows the muscles, bone and tissue.
  • Used as reference for veterinarians.
  • Includes a manual for point locations and recommended treatments.
  • Model size: 10"X8" (25.5X20.5cm)


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