Horn Shaped Reflexology Tool

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Horn Shaped Reflexology Tool

This therapeutic tool is principally used to activate trigger points as a part of reflexology treatments, but it can be applied to a wide range of modalities and therapeutic approaches such as guasha and massage. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, scrapping is considered as an effective therapy to promote blood circulation.This product is shaped as a horn with different sizes on the two sides. For reflexology treatments, the pointy side is great for scrapping the sinus points on the toe while the blunt size is suitable for the massage of soles and heels.

Product functions:

The internal organs of the human body are connected to the body through meridians, so are our feet. Problems of the internal organs, then,are reflected on our feet and this reflexology tool can therefore be used to stimulate the acupuncture points on the feet to relieves tension as well as treat various conditions that occur in the body.

lierre gua sha Horn Shaped Reflexology Tool


Product features:

  • Pleasant to touch and easy to grip and use
  • Suitable for beginners to try reflexology self-treatments
  • Smoothly polished and durable
  • Length: 15 cm or around 6 inches 


Special Instructions:

  • Use with caution
  • Store away from excessive humidity and extreme temperatures
  • Keep ou tof children’s reach


Length: 15 cm or around 6 inches 

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