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New set of Jade Soft™ silicone cups are transparent enough to monitor changes on the skin, and m..
Golden Plastic  Cupping Set 17 Cups -15%
This cupping set gets all the little details right. The cups themselves are made from the highest gr..
$60.00 $51.00
Kang Zhu Suction Cupping Set (24) -15%
The Kang Zhu Cupping series of products eliminates certain disadvantages involved by ancient and..
$60.00 $51.00
This Jade Soft™ Anti-Celulite Treatment Set is the best for fighting against cellulites. It is a beg..
Wonderfully soft, warm and affordable, flannel massage table sheets are classics. These sheets w..
Spiky Massage Roller Stick SOLD OUT
Feeling sore or tense? Or maybe looking to tone your skin and reduce cellulite? Portable and conveni..
Press tacks are incredibly useful for stimulating acupoints, especially around the ears. Their s..
Thera Crystals™ Rose Quartz Facial Roller -15%
The Thera Crystals™ Rose Quartz Facial Roller can be used to enhance the overall health of t..
$45.00 $38.25
Gua Sha is an natural and alternative therapy that is basically used for scraping your skin with a m..
The Healing Crystal Chakra Bracelet is the must-have of bracelets. Not only does it energize you wit..
Whether it’s for swabs or for clean-up, cotton balls are endlessly useful. This medium-sized bag..
This amazing car diffuser clips on directly to any air vent in your car, and can be used to clea..
Features: Multi-function: This aroma diffuser can serve as a lamp, diffuser, and air purifier..
Whether it’s for your clinic or for your home, our discount for Kwan Loong Oil lets you stock up on ..
Zheng Gu Shui is a complex mix of traditional Chinese ingredients.Zheng Gu Shui is literally meanin..
Health Benefit: Boost blood vessel system, immunity function and enzyme activity Treat..
Keeping massage lotions, oils and creams just above body temperature, this 8oz bottle oil warmer..
Microplush is an even softer variety of velour, hyper dense yet silky to the touch. This downy blank..
Ultrasonic aroma diffuser wood grain 4 in 1 function: air humidifier, ultrasonic aroma diffuse..
The essential oils in this set are carefully chosen for their versatility, and for their uplifting, ..
Hong Li’s heating therapeutic plasters are small discreet rectangular heat packs that provide target..
These patches will provide a temporary relief of minor muscular aches and pains associated with over..
Red: Original- Natural power of wood vinegar to help with relaxing.Green: Peppermint and rosema..
 TDP lamps are an extremely popular medical device in China, and they’re quickly developing ..
Zen Smokeless Moxa Rolls Pack In Stock
The new Zen smokeless moxa rolls is made in a special process. It's moxa stick is made of with mugwo..
  Our large lion warmer is compatible with the 7x120mm moxa sticks, which can easily be ..
The therapeutic heat treatment are great for temporary relief of sore muscles, tensions in the muscl..
The Herbal Compressed Ball Thaï is made from wheat wrapped in cotton fabric and is commonly used in ..
This is an ideal unit for both hot stone massage and warm stone massage. • Filling the bowl with..
These gorgeous lamps create an enchanting and deeply relaxing atmosphere. Every lamp is hand carved ..
Our set of massage candles allows you to try all of this excellent line: the citrus candle is warmin..
Designed to help pain relief and for comfort  Designed to distribute your weight and l..