H.L Seo Won long needles 0.30*105mm

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H.L Seo Won long needles 0.30*105mm

This type of long needle is mostly used to treat gluteal and leg pains. During some treatments in these areas, the needles might be inserted up to 3-5 inches ( or 75mms-120mms), sometimes even up to 125mm: standard size acupuncture needles are then inappropriate for this type of therapeutic use.

Gluteal muscles are among the most important weight-bearing parts of the body, located on the lower back and muscle, and they provide support for the core and allow us to stand upright. This muscular group also provides the body with a large range of motion, and therefore soreness, pain and stiffness in this area can be particularly debilitating. Acupuncture on the gluteal muscles helps strengthen muscular weakness and reduce pain and pressure on the hip joint. Some acupuncture points on the backside are also helpful for treating conditions such as diabetes, diarrhea and hemiplegia.

Product features:

  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Spring handle, comfortable to hold and easy to manipulate
  • Smooth and painless insertion
  • Specifications: 0.30x105mm 
  • 100 needles in 10 packages of ten needles, 10 needles with one guide tube
  • Ecological and space-saving soft plastic packaging with 10 needles and a guide tube for quick needle access


  • This product is a one-time-use product
  • Keep it in from excessive humidity and temperature
  • Keep it of children’s reach

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