H.L Seo Won Hand Needles (jar pack)

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H.L Seo Won Hand Needles (jar pack)

Hand needles are designed for use on the body’s most intricate extremities, notably hands and ears. Normally, these tiny needles are inserted with the aid of specialized injectors. Treatments using acupuncture needles are wide-ranging, because the hands and ears are a locus on which many meridians and points can be found.

About the brand:

The H.L Seo Won is a manufacturer in South Korea, it produces high quality acupuncture needle made of surgical stainless steel.

Product features:

  • Surgical stainless steel

  • Spring handle, comfortable to hold and easy to manipulate

  • Smooth and nearly painless insertion

  • Specifications: 0.16mm X 7mm length, with a 13mm handle (most comparable needles have a diameter of 0.18mm)

  • Each package contains 50 pcs, with 10 needles each arranged for easy access.

Product use:

The internal organs of the human body are connected to the body through meridians, so are our hands. Problems of the internal organs, then, are reflected on our hands, and hand needles can therefore be used on acupuncture points located along these channels to treat various conditions.




Special Instructions:

  • This product is a one-time-use product, sterilized until September 2019

  • Keep it in from excessive humidity and temperature

  • Keep it of children’s reach

About Su Jok Therapy:

"Su Jok" means hand and foot in Korean, and Su Jok Therapy appropriately designates a technique that uses points on these extremities to diagnose and treat conditions and illnesses. This therapy is based on the theory that the body’s organs, structures and meridians are connected by the palms and feet, which are like remote controls for the body. The functions of the body can then be assessed and treated by stimulating their corresponding points on the hands or feet.

Su Jok therapy is a method reminiscent of Korean hand therapy (KHT), which is based on a similar principle: according to this philosophy, hands and feet are miniature replicas of the human body. The positions of acupuncture points on hands and feet in KHT are however different from those in Su Jok therapy. For example, the acupuncture points corresponding to the backbones are located on the middle finger in KHT, while the corresponding points are located on the thumb in Su Jok.



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