Horn Gua sha

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Horn Gua sha

This guasha scraper is made from natural horn, a primary material containing various organic chemical compounds and substances such as glutamic acid, aspartic acid and keratin.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine tradition, buffalo horn is considered to have a cold property, making it effective in treating fevers, edemas and convulsions. Therefore, Gua Sha tools made of buffalo horn are particularly appropriate for clearing excess heat, removing toxins and eliminating blood stasis.

This product is shaped with different curves and thicknesses that allow it to be used on the widest possible variety of points on the body. The convex edge is great for scrapping along the sides of eye and the acupuncture points, while the concave edge is suitable for the chin and fingers. This product is smooth, especially around the edges,ensuring that it will never hurt your skin. Extremely durable, this guasha should last you years – even decades!


Material: horn

Appearance: ranges in colour and texture according to natural variations on the primary material. Every guasha is unique!

Net weight:

Size: 11cm long; width at thinnest point 2cm, and at thickest point 5.5cm

Product function:

This product is used to repeatedly scrape of press the skin duringguashatreatments, which helps improve microcirculation of blood vessels, increase the flow of blood and dredge the meridians.

Guasha is a simple and safe traditional treatment that is incredibly effective in treating and preventing flu, bronchitis, asthma and acute or chronic pains. It is also used to detoxify the body by bringing the excess heat and toxins to the surface of the body to be released. Guasha can relieve fevers and inflammations of the respiratory system, and performs very well as complementary approach to acupuncture or cupping treatments for these conditions.

Guasha will not damage the skin but it does cause the appearance of red, elevated patches on the treated area. This is called “sha”, which will fade in 2 to 3 days. If the “sha” takes longer to fade, it means that you have a poor blood flow and you are likely to have either a blood or Qi deficiency or an underlying organ deficiency. In TCM, the intensity of the bruising is an indication of the severity of the toxicity, stagnation or fever inside the body. Consult a practitioner for more information on these potential side-effects, and on any course of treatment you’re interested in pursuing.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Apply a few drops of guasha oil or any other light lubricant on the area to be treated to reduce friction;

  2. Scrape the guasha horn slowly and continuously, with long strokes, on areas such as arms, legs and backs.

  3. After several scrapes, a few red spots will be visible, and these marks indicate the areas on which treatment should be focused. Continue rubbing for approx 5 - 10 min depending on the condition and severity.

Special instructions:

  • Horn guashas may look different from each other due to natural variations in primary materials. We do not guarantee the product you receive will look exactly the same as the one in the picture, since every horn guasha is unique and will have different patterns and coloration.
  • The horn guasha should not be stored in places that are extremely damp or dry, or left soaking in water, as these environments will cause cracks to appear and the tool will become unusable.

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