Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the world’s healthiest beverages – not only good for you, it’s also delicious, and there are so many ways to enjoy it! From sencha to blossoming tea pearls, you’ll find an assortment of perfectly balanced, beautifully formulated green teas at Lierre: those who prefer full-bodied, rich aromas will enjoy our Tie Guan Yin oolong, while those who prefer fruitier, lighter teas will love our Blue Mango tea. 


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Blue Mango

Blue Mango A delightfully sweet and light mix of mango and sencha: perfect for making ice tea in the summer! Sencha is a traditional type of Japanese tea. Its taste is characteristically gras..


An Ji White Tea

An Ji White TeaAlthough white is in its name, An Ji is actually a highly refined type of green tea: it was named for the particular type of tea tree from which it is picked, which is peculiar beca..


Jasmine Dragon Pearl

This  Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea is produced by handrolling tender green tea into small balls, which are then dipped and perfumed in jasmine flower aroma five times. A natural remedy, it can help reduce..


Sencha 50g

SenchaAn extremely popular type of tea in Japan, sencha is prepared by drying and rolling green tea leaves. An acquired taste for some, sencha tastes distinctively of the sea.Preparation sugge..


Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival 50g

Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival It is a blend of Japanese style green tea Sencha, with sweet cherry flavoring and rose petals. This flavored green tea can bring us to the wonderful spring time o..


Tie Guan Yin 50g

Also known as the Iron Goddess Oolong, Tie Guan Yin is an ancient, extremely high quality variety of Chinese oolong tea, associated with traditional legends and originating in Anxi, in the beautiful F..


White Dragon Pearl

This therapeutic tea is produced by handrolling tender green tea into small balls; similar to the Jasmine Dragon Pearl, its distinctively white colour sets it apart.  Preparation suggestions:..