Green Tea (Longjing Tea)


Green Tea (Longjing Tea)

Longjing Tea is a high quality, in the category of green tea in China. The smell and taste of longjing is so rich, and well differentiated than the other green tea. You may have heard this tea under the name Dragon Well tea, and its main benefit is to help with weight loss. There are tons of health benefits behind this.

  • Rich in antioxidant: green tea is the most well-known antioxidant compared to the other herbs, and concentrated to balance diet, and help for low sugar intake.

  • Help for weight loss: Longjing tea is the best choice when it comes to losing weight, because it helps building muscles, burning the excess of fat, and make your body feel healthy.

  • Defense against heart disease: Drinking this tea will help you cleanse the bad blood, and unblocking blood vessels, reducing the blood pressure, and most importantly strengthen your circulation flow.

  • Reduced cancer risk: Longjing tea is a great fighter against disease, viruses, bacteria, and protect from forming the tumors, and disease.

  • Good alternative to coffee: This green tea is high in caffeine, and have great hydrating properties. So, you will not have to give up on the effects of coffee, when you want to stay hydrated.

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