Good Night Gift Set

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Good Night Gift Set

    The Goodnight Gift Set includes a 250ml bottle of bubble bath, a 60ml bottle of linen water, and a scented pouch: three products that can help you integrate the gentle and relaxing scent of lavender to your nighttime routine.

    Thanks to its moisturizing formula, this bath foam softens and revitalizes the skin. Inhale the soothing scents of true lavender essential oil : you’ll love its calming, relaxing and recuperative effects for the body and mind!

    Lavender linen water does not stain, deters mites and leaves your laundry subtly fragrant of a hint of lavender. Imagine your clothing, bedding and home all imbued with the irrestible scent of lavender!

    Created exclusively for Bleu Lavande, the scented pouch offers a simple way to spread the sweet smell of lavender. Whenever you need a refreshing whiff, a soft squeeze of the dried flowers will release their captivating scent.

    This gift set’s total value is of $31. 

    • Foam bath 250 ml
    • Linen water 60 ml
    • Scented pouch 20 g

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