Golden Moxa, five years 50g

Loose moxa - Golden Moxa, five years 50g |

Golden Moxa, five years 50g

This loose moxa is aged five years, making it extremely high quality. As moxa ages, the mugwort oil present on the plants evaporates, allowing the leaves to burn evenly and slowly, without any sparks. This process also gives the moxa its distinctly golden colour.

Soft and fluffy, this moxa is made only from moxa leaves picked in their prime. Inferior quality moxa will be rougher to the touch, and won’t burn as effectively, since it will also include stems. Higher quality prime materials also mean that this moxa’s therapeutic properties are enhanced. 

Suitable for direct or semi-direct moxa treatment: use with our moxa cap to warm acupuncture needles will improve effectiveness.

Direction:(warming needles)

  • Take a little loose moxa to create a cone
  • Put moxa cone on moxa cap; and then put the moxa cap on needles
  • Burning moxa cone
  • 50g/bag




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