Glass Fire Cupping Set 5pcs

  • Glass Fire Cupping Set 5pcs
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  • This Glass fire cupping set combines all our different sizes of glass cups, which allows you to try out every type of cup available.
  • It’s therefore a wonderful practice and beginner set.
  • Made of thick glass, these cups are safe, durable and easy to disinfect.
  • #5 Inner Diameter: 2"/5.3cm
  • #4 Inner Diameter:1.8"/4.7cm
  • #3 Inner Diameter:1.5"/4.0cm
  • #2 Inner Diameter:1.3"/3.5cm
  • #1 Inner Diameter: 0.7"/2.0cm
  • For more essential fire cupping supplies, check out our pliers for glass cups, Isopropyl Alcohol 99% and cotton balls. 
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