Glass Fire Cupping Set 5pcs

Glass Fire Cupping Set 5pcs

This set combines all our different sizes of glass cups, which allows you to try out every type of cup available. It’s therefore a wonderful practice and beginner set.

Glass cups are traditionally used by practitioners for fire cupping treatments. Made of thick glass, these cups are safe, durable and easy to disinfect.

  • #5 Inner Diameter: 2"/5.3cm
  • #4 Inner Diameter:1.8"/4.7cm
  • #3 Inner Diameter:1.5"/4.0cm
  • #2 Inner Diameter:1.3"/3.5cm
  • #1 Inner Diameter: 0.7"/2.0cm

For more essential fire cupping supplies, check out our pliers for glass cups, Isopropyl Alcohol 99% and cotton balls. 

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