Glass Cupping Set 14 pcs

Glass Cups - Glass Cupping Set 14 pcs |

Glass Cupping Set 14 pcs

This glass cup set offers all the convenience of the more common plastic sets, but stays truer to traditional cupping methods of treatment, which always relied on glass cups. This set, however, with its pump gun, does not involve the same hazards as this ancient technique, since it does not necessitate fire or heat, and it is easier both to control and to carry.  Compared to plastic cupping sets, these cups are also easier to clean and disinfect, since both chemical disinfectants and alcohol will effectively sanitize them.

14 durable and strong glass cups with a pistol grip hand pump. Carrying case included for safe and convenient storage.

Note: upon first treatment, manually open rubber tip before inserting the cup into the hand pump.


8x diam. 5cm

2x diam. 4cm

2x diam. 3cm

1x diam. 2.5cm

1x diam. 1.5cm

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