Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Feeling stumped? We’ve compiled a few gift ideas that might make your life a bit easier! Appropriate for all occasions, our aromatherapy and self care sets will delight just about anyone, whether you’re bringing a little something for a formal event, a baby shower, an anniversary, a birthday, or any number of different celebrations.

Shoyeido’s gorgeous incense sets make fantastic introductions to the art of Japanese incense, and their sophisticated look and complex aromas ensure that they’ll also make extremely memorable gifts. Our line of personal care sets include indulgent lavender scented lotions, creams, soaps and balms – all perfumed with locally produced, natural lavender, known for its soothing effect and therapeutic properties. 

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Clip-on Car Diffuser

This amazing car diffuser clips on directly to any air vent in your car, and can be used to clear and improve air quality as well as neutralize annoying scents: so much better than a boring old ai..


Aroma Pendant Necklace

These beautiful necklaces are a great way to include aromatherapy in your daily routine. Their refillable pads are washable, durable, and come in assorted colours for style, allowing you to alternate ..


Konjac Sponge 100% Natural fibers

Our all-natural konjac sponge gently exfoliates pores, making it better for sensitive skin that using a loofah, a washcloth or your hands to apply cleanser. The fibrous konjac root is a perennial plan..


Kwan Loong oil pack of 6

Whether it’s for your clinic or for your home, our discount for Kwan Loong Oil lets you stock up on this wonderful medicated oil without breaking the bank. After all, with its infinte uses, you can ne..


Po Sum On Medicated Oil Trio

Po Sum On medicated oil (30 ml) x 3Great for clinics and for home use, our value pack makes it affordable to stock up on this incredibly useful, versatile medicated oil: you’ll never run out of ap..


TCM Pain Relief Set

This set of traditional Chinese medicinal formulas include a spray, a cooling oil, a heating liniment, a balm and a set of plasters – as a set, they allow you to modulate your approach to a variety of..


Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub Trio

This value set contains 3 Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder RubThis value set has a value of $44.97!Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder RubTiger Balm’s neck and shoulder rub is a specially formulated crea..


Tiger Balm Relief Set

Get to know every member of the Tiger Balm product family!This set of Tiger Balm products can treat a wide variety of ailments, tensions and pains: the red balm is fantastic for backaches, the whi..


Tiger Balms combo White and Red 18g

Invented in the 1870s, this pain relieving ointment has been perfected throughout the past century and has now become a household name across the world.The white tiger balm formula does not contai..


Thera Crystals™ Rose Quartz Roller

Double Sided: Bigger for face, smaller for under-eye Rose Quartz roller will enhance the absorption with beauty oils or your favorite cream Boost blood circulation, de-puff, mini..


Aladdin’s Lamp Diffuser Set

Special: Order this diffuser now get a free bottle of Geranium Bourbon essential oil!Elegant and simple to use, the Aladdin’s Lamp Diffuser has a lovely curved shape, much like a magic lamp. Just ..


Cinema Light Box -40%

Cinema Light Box

You can create a vintage cinema atmosphere to your cinema Light Box, just by putting the film title or an inspirational quote from your favorite movie. This light box has 96 interchangeable letters, c..

$39.99 $23.99

6- Silicone Cupping Pack and Balm Set

Best silicone cupping for cellulite treatment! The set comes in a reusable, durable canvas gift bag that is perfect for storing your set.We’ve made our cupping set even better by adding 2 of 3..


Diffuser Gift Pack, Wood Grain Vase

The essential oils in this set are carefully chosen for their versatility, and for their uplifting, wintery charm. Diffuse Cinnamon essential oil to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, or Celebration..


Casa Ultrasonic Diffuser Gift Pack

Casa Ultrasonic Diffuser Gift PackAn ideal gift for the holiday season! Sure to please serious aromatherapy enthusiasts and casual fans alike. Save $40!Feeling stressed, tense? The Casa Di..


Sanjin Watermelon Frost Insufflation Pack

Sanjin Watermelon Frost Insufflation, traditional Chines medicine used to clear heat toxin, subdue swelling and alleviate pain. To relieve symptoms such as a sore throat, oral ulcer, swollen gums, gin..


Sanjin Watermelon Frost Lozenges Trio

Sanjin Watermelon Frost Lozenges, traditional Chines medicine used to clear heat toxin, subdue swelling and alleviate pain. To relieve symptoms such as a sore throat, oral ulcer, swollen gums, gingiva..


Pain and Cold Relief Essential Oil Set organic DIVINE ESSENCE

These three versatile essential oils make a great addition to any medicine cabinet. Both eucalyptus and peppermint provide a cooling sensation that soothes muscular pains, and a freshening effect that..


Delightful Essential Oil Trio: Lavender, Sweet Orange and Rosemary Organic DIVINE ESSENCE

This trio of essential oils can be mixed together to create a timeless, complex and evocative scent, or used on their own for their therapeutic properties. This blend will be delightful when integrate..


Anti-Cellulite Set

Cupping and massage can both be used as a way to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cupping is believed to release stagnant toxins in the body in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as to improve t..