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  • A garlic Peeler can be very useful when you need to peel off your garlic ''skin''.
  • This garlic peeler is easy to use and very easy to clean, and it is made of food-grade silicone. 
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Is it not a hassle when you have to peel it yourself? This peeler would help you instantly.

How to use: 

1.Separate your Garlic 
Grab a bulb of garlic and separate it into cloves. 
Make sure that the garlic are stored in a dry space, if not it is harder to peel it when damped, especially when it just came out from the fridge. 

2.Insert the cloves
Place the garlic cloves that you sperated, inside the garlic peeler. 

3. Roll it! 
Place the garlic peeler down on a flat surface and roll the garlic peeler back and forth, applying light pressure with your palm.

4. Clean it 
Shake the skin out over your trash can before peeling your next batch of garlic.