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You’re more flexible than you think!

  • Help you maintain difficult poses, and help you train – whether you’re an athlete, a beginner, or a bit of both
  • This durable, versatile fitness band is perfect for yoga, Pilates, dance, strength, rehabilitation and different kinds of exercise
  • An ideal accessory for full body training, allowing you to focus on different body parts and helping you maintain difficult poses
  • With its adjustable length, the strap will help you work on your flexibility, balance and strength, and it can be tied around your shoulders, legs, arms in any number of positions
  • Its heavy duty D shaped buckle spares you from even having to worry about the strap slipping out of place

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Product name

Fitness strap

Product material

Cotton/polyester, metal

Product size


Product weight



Blue, Agate Blue, Black, Purple, Pink


Improve balance, stability, flexibility and strength


Non-slip surface, durable, lightweight, safe for kids, multi-usage


Water or wet towel

You could use the strap to help you:

1. Stretch and properly position you body in different yoga positions

2. Improve form

3. Move deeper into stretches

4. Hold stretches longer

5. Especially beneficial for safe stretching

And more!

This type of strap is so popular that it is easy to find instructional videos online.

You can bring this light weight band with you and practice exercises just about anywhere.

We also recommend this strap to therapists focusing on patient’s physical rehabilitation. This strap can create and maintain different levels of resistance easily by adjusting strap length, which is convenient for trainers and rehabilitation therapists: they’re great tools to improve patient’s muscular strength, enhance physical abilities, and increase body flexibility, useful in many different kinds of rehabilitation.

Its anti-slip surface has great grip, ensuring that exercises are safe. The well-designed strap won’t get tangled up, its buckle makes quick adjustments easy, even when you’re in the middle of a pose. Easy to clean and maintain, each strap will last you years without losing grip or resistance.

Deepen your poses like never before!