Fitness pack with balance cushion

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Fitness pack with balance cushion

All the supplies you need for stretches and exercises at home! Our yoga mat, balance cushion and massage roller make for an incredibly versatile set of tools: you can use them to improve your balance and flexibility, to develop your core strength and stability, stretch your calves and hips, and even use the strap for resistance training for upper body strength.

As a bonus, we’ve added our massage roller: great for winding down after a good work out, using this roller as a part of your post-exercise stretches will help you recuperate faster, and will ease potential muscular discomforts.

Yoga Mat

This high-quality non-slip mat will provide you with all the grip, cushioning and support you need for a safe practice. It will support your body, maintain correct alignment and hold postures firmly.

It is very light and comes with a bag so that you could bring the mat with you to everywhere you want to. You could do exercise on the backyard of your house during your spare time or on the top of the mountain during your vacation.

Balance cushion

This portable and easy to use inflated balance cushion makes an excellent support for yoga, balance exercises, meditation, or other sports and fitness exercises.  The balance cushion is also widely used in rehabilitation because it can help to strengthen and stabilize trainee’s ankles, knees, core and shoulders. It’s also useful as a support for balance, stability and agility training. The cushion’s unique design incorporates two different kinds of raised bumps on either sides, helping on the one hand to maintain proper bloodflow, and preventing the cushion from slipping on the other.


Anticellulite Massage Roller

This high quality resin roller is easy to manipulate and comfortable to grip. It can be used as a massage tool, and can activate points along your meridians, releasing muscle tension, temporarily increasing blood circulation and smoothing out your skin. Great for travelling, its small, compact shape makes it extremely versatile: you could use it on your arms, legs, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and any other body areas where you would like to reduce the appearance of cellulite, or ease muscular tensions. You could use it with massage oils, lotions or balms for a rejuvenating skin treatment!

Suitable for all levels of activity, our exercise kit is designed to help you keep up your level of physical exercise, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned athlete. Get started today!

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