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Take your work-outs to the next level with our fitness ball!

  • Designed to help you improve your balance and flexibility without straining your joints or muscles
  • Provides support and cushioning for the body during your workout
  • A fantastic help for strength and balance training, and adaptable to all major body muscle groups, including but not limited to the back, leg and abdominal, and core balance
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This fitness ball is not only widely used in exercises and rehabilitation, but can also double as a great desk chair: you can continuously improve your core stability and balance, even when you’re working or relaxing! Just a few weeks using this ball should dramatically improve your posture. Our fitness balls follow strict quality standards, using environmentally friendly materials, and they are safe around children. 

Product details:

Product name

Fitness ball

Product material


Product size

55 cm diameters

Product weight

650 g,

Weight Capacity



Blue, Purple, grey, red


Improve balance, stability and strength of body


Anti-burst, non-slip surface, durable, safe for kids


Water or wet towel


A hand/foot pump

Step 1: Take out the inserted white plug (air stopper) from the ball 

Step 2: Insert the tip of the pump into the mouth (built-in variable aperture) 

Step 3: Pumping the ball to proper size (usually 10 minutes for a 75cm ball) 

Step 4: Quickly replace the white plug back into the hole to stop air leak. And you’re done!

Tip: Allow the ball rest for 2 days upon receiving it, and then inflate it completely to ensure that ball is the proper size.