Face Massage Silicone Cupping Kit (with Optional Beauty Oil)

Face Massage Silicone Cupping Kit (with Optional Beauty Oil)

Face Massage Silicone Cupping Kit (with Optional Beauty Oil)

Facial silicone cupping is all the rage. Our new Face Massage Cupping Kit (with Optional Beauty Oil) comes with a 30ml of organic rosehip beauty oil, which is recognized for its incredible healing properties. Rosehip beauty oil is ideal for nourishing dry and damaged skin. 

The silicone brush, cups and beauty oil in this set have a triple effect. Our silicone facial brush reaches deeply and gently within your pores to pull out dirt, sebum, and any other clogging agent. Applying the beauty oil on your face before using the silicone brush will clean your pores, while making your face fresh, smooth, and glowing. When used with silicone facial cups, beauty oil helps the cups glide and makes the treatments that much more effective. 

The cups dramatically improve blood and lymph circulation, for an instantly rejuvenating effect. As with the silicone brush, cupping facilitates the absorption of beauty products. Finally, the beauty oil nourishes, balances, hydrates and smoothes the skin. Together, these effects complement and intensify each other to create the ultimate skin therapy routine.

Orgnic Argan Beauty Oil 30ml
Organic argan oil softens, moisturizes, protects and revitalises the skin. One of the least comedogenic oils - with an indicator of 0 on the scale! - argan oil is ideal for use on dry areas of the body, gentle face massages, and for clients with sensitive or acne-prone skin. It makes an excellent alternative to coconut oil, as it has similar properties, but it is also gentler on the skin. 

This oil can be applied directly on the skin, or mixed in with an essential oil to create your very own personalised skin care or massage oil.

Jojoba Organic Beauty Oil 30ml
The deserts of South America boast the most plentiful Jojoba trees, aka Simmondsia chinensis or a type of Wild hazelnut. Every year, this generous tree produces several grains from which we harvest liquid jojoba wax. Its uniqueness lies in its similarity to human sebum and in the fact that it doesn’t deteriorate over time nor become rancid. Cosmetics producers revel in its nourishing and protective qualities which mimic those of sebum naturally present in human skin. It quickly and easily absorbs into the skin and balances sebum particularly in oily or acne-prone skin without leaving a greasy film. It fights dehydration and restores mature skin by fending off wrinkles and old age lines. It also offers strong protection against weather damage caused by wind and cold.

Rosehip Organic Beauty Oil 30ml
Rose hip beauty oil is ideal for nourishing dry, damaged, or rosacea-prone skin, for fighting wrinkles, and for reducing stretch marks and scars. Known for its healing properties, it is also used as an after-sun treatment to diminish the appearance of freckles, soothe light sunburns, and treat acne. Especially suitable for dry, damaged, and dehydrated skin, this nourishing beauty oil prevents signs of aging and accelerates healing.

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