EVA Yoga block

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EVA Yoga block

You can work on so many more yoga poses with our foam EVA yoga block! A useful tool both for beginners and diehard yoga fans, the sturdy yet comfortable EVA yoga black can be used in almost any setting, whether it’s at home, at a studio, on vacation, on hikes and even on road trips! Beveled edges provide extra comfort and support during practice.

Its non-stick surface provides great grip, and it can be placed under your feet, hands, waist and any other muscle groups to help you achieve better, stronger balance.

Product name

EVA Yoga block

Product material

Ethylene vinyl acetate

Product size

23*8*15.5cm (3"x6"x9")

Product weight



Multiple colors


Yoga accessories to extend your reach in various yoga poses


Lightweight, high density, travel friendly


Water or wet towel

 We recommend buying two yoga blocks to make your yoga practice easier. A block on each hand or stacked blocks will help you to more poses and provide more support to your body during practice.

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