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Er Chen Wan

Er Chen Wan reinforces the spleen to transform and dispel phlegm, and it dries dampness and harmonizes the stomach. It’s primarily used to treat phlegm damp and accumulation of mucus in the stomach, which can cause asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, as well as nausea, vomiting and heartburn. 

Medicinal Ingredients /Ingrédients médicaux:

Citrus reticulate(Tangerine peel/Peau de mandarine)Pericarp (extract ratio/rapport d’extrait 3.2:1,121.    1mg dried equivalent/equivalent sec) 38.0mg

Pinellia ternata(Pinellia Rhizome)Rhizomes(extract ratio/rapport d’extrait 2.8:1,121  1mg dried equivalent/equivalent sec) 43.7mg

Poria cocos(Poria)Sclerotium(extract ratio/rapport d’extrait 1.2:1,  72.8mg dried equivalent/equivalent sec)  60.4mg

Glycyrrhiza uralenisis (Licorice Root/Racine de réglisse)Roots(extract ratio/rapport d’extrait 1.2:1, 36mg dried equivalent/equivalent sec) 29.9mg ingiber officinale(Fresh Ginger/gingembre)Rhizomes(Extract ratio/Rapport d’extrait 3.3:1, 24mg dried equivalent/equivalent sec) 7.3mg

Non-medicinal ingredients/ingredients non medicaux:

Corn Starch/Amidon

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