Electric Massage Tables

Electric Massage Tables

Lierre offers some of the most competitively priced electric massage tables on the Canadian market. Our wide selection means that there’s a table for every type of practitioner and every budget, whether you require a high degree of adjustability, extraordinary comfort, or a bit of both. Our electric massage tables all come with whisper quiet and durable motors, 100% polyurethane upholstery and soft cushioning. Selected for the discerning customers, they will suit sophisticated spas as well as professional healthcare clinics. 


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2-Section Electric Massage Table SOLD OUT

2-Section Electric Massage Table

2- Sections electric table is crafted from steel frame. Robust and resistant construction enables rigidity for intense treatments and offers years of structural strength. 2.5” Semi firm cushion suits ..


3-Section Electric Massage Table SOLD OUT

3-Section Electric Massage Table

The 3- section electric table is built with a sturdy, durable steel frame. The table’s robust and resistant construction makes it rigid enough for intense treatments and ensures years of structural st..


Earthlite Electric Massage Tables Ellora Vista Tilt

The gorgeous Ellora Vista Tilt is an elegant, luxurious electric table from the Earthlite company. Its sleek, minimalist design is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing: with its extremely eff..


Electric Lift Standard Massage Table SOLD OUT

Electric Lift Standard Massage Table

Electric Lift Standard comes with heavy duty steel frame and 3" soft foam cushion. Skin-touch PU upholster with rounded corners. Height adjustment design is from 20.8"-39". A face cushionHeavy ..


Electric Lift Tilt Massage Table

Lighter than the old model and equipped with two stable table feet, this electric lift tilt table is versatile, and its multiple functions favour its use in medical clinics and day spas. It is built w..


Electric Massage Table Pro. I SOLD OUT

Electric Massage Table Pro. I

The Electric Table Pro. I is equiped with a  heavy duty steel frame, a 3" thick multi-layer Soft-foam system, and extremely comfortable,  luxurious PU upholstery. Its power lift height adjustment from..


Electric Massage Table Pro. II

The Electric Table Pro. II is equipped with a heavy duty steel frame, a 3" thick multi-layer soft foam system, and an extremely comfortable, skin-touch luxurious PU upholstery. Its power lift height a..


Electric Salon Massage Table

The ultimate solution for spas and clinics, the Electric Salon Table’s incomparable design meets the functionality requirements of the practitioner and provides a comfortable session for the customer...


Ellora Vista Salon Massage Table 28"

Earthlite’s Ellora Vista is engineered with an even better, stronger and faster motor, which will last years – and even decades. Earthlite has garnered a reputation for its excellent, comfortable, and..


Powerlift Massage Table Ergonomic SOLD OUT

Powerlift Massage Table Ergonomic

This electric massage table's hourglass shape design allows you to access your clients without straining your back. The massage table's rounded edge are great for room sensitive practitioners. Quiet a..


Spa Tilt Massage Table SOLD OUT

Spa Tilt Massage Table

Spa table is an ideal choice for resort spa, spa or day spa. It provides a variety positions’ options for different needs of clients. With power lift system, the table can be lifted up to 34'' which b..