Electric Massage Hammer

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  • Electric Massage Hammer is designed to be an easy application to any parts of body
  • Effective vibration massage to relax the stiffen muscles
  • Different massage heads bring various massage experience
  • Speed adjustable, you can adjust it according to your suitability
  • Cordless, Portable and convenient use at home or office
Product details
Main machine material ABS
Net weight 1055g
Technical Specifications
Rated power 16W
Rated voltage DC 8.4V
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 The electric massage hammer is a new innovated device that is made to simultaneously relax your muscle tension and help these all over the body. With the strong movement and stimulation, you can also use it for cellulite reduction and to promote the better blood flow and circulation.

This device comes with:

  • Charger
  • Fat massage head: decompression massage, weight-loss massage face & abdominal
  • Wavy massage head: acupuncture points and deep tissue massage
  • Ball massage head: great to use with essential oils
  • Tai chi massage head: imitation of tai chi, kneading ups and downs
  • Micro filter massage head: remove calluses and dry skin for feet
  • Roller massage head: large area smooth rolling massage
  • Double wheel massage head: 3 groups of double wheels can be flexible rolling kneading
  • Angle roller massage head: each group of wheels by monolithic activity triangle combination, shiatsu massage
  • Mesh cover: prevent hair involved in machine, protect hair safet

    How to change the heads:

    1.Remove the mesh cover by turning until you hear a click.

    2.Remove gently the head

    3.Put back the mesh cover according to the teeth.