Easter day on sale

Acu Relaxo Five 20% off, use coupon code: EASTER20


Acu Relaxo Five bulk comes in packages of 5 needles per tube; 1000 needles per box.The new Acu Relaxo package design is the best solution for practitioners who require access to more than one needle at once.

Acu Relaxo 20% off, use coupon code: EASTER20


Acu Relaxo represents the newest and best in technological innovation in acupuncture needle production. Their products meet practitioners’ needs, providing a smooth and painless insertion, and maximizing patients’ comfort during treatments.

Lierre Classic 28" - Portable Massage Tables

Lierre Classic 28" 20% off


Lierre Classic  is a professional’s dream table. Featuring a Memory Foam mattress, this is one of the most comfortable tables in the market. The Memory Foam system contours to a patient’s body shape and temperature and supports body weight evenly, creating a truly relaxing experience.

Wood Grain Vase Diffuser 40% off


This beautiful diffuser is an excellent option for aromatherapy enthusiasts who enjoy the rustic, wooden look. Made from plastic, it is perfectly safe, and consumes very little power. It can mist for up to 6 or 7 hours, and diffuses at intervals: it is continuous for three minutes, then stops for one minute, to prevent overheating. Diffusion will moreover stop automatically when water runs out. This model is easy to clean, portable and quiet.

Clear Silicone Cup Set 4pcs 40% off


Our new clear silicone cups are made of transparent, food grade silicone; which are safe and durable material with superior elasticity. Clear silicon cups are very practical in treatment including easy adjustment of suction force, worry free of broken and risk free from damage of skin

Zen Smokeless Moxa Rolls (Rose) 40% off


The new Zen smokeless moxa rolls with rose scent, that is made in a special process. It's moxa stick is made of with mugwort charcoal instead of a wood charcoal. As you burning the moxa stick, it diffuses pleasure scent to help calmness and relaxation. Mugwort charcoal contains more pure herbs, which ensures more effectively healing power on points or areas of body.