Dr. Cohen’s Heatable AcuBack

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Dr. Cohen’s Heatable AcuBack

Dr. Cohen’s heatable AcuBack offers the relief of heat, and the therapeutic benefits of acupressure! Simple to use and portable, these hypoallergenic, latex-free tools allow you to find all-natural, powerful relief at home, in transit, or even on vacation. Unlike some popular massage tools, this cylindrical massager is rigid enough to have an intense effect on muscles, and can provide significant pressure without being painful.

AcuBack is a creative healing tool with an advanced design from Dr. Michael A. Cohen. This massager will provide powerful tension release for larger muscle groups, and it is small enough to be easily stored in a purse or in luggage. It is specifically designed to help correct posture and release muscular and articular tensions.

Product detailed information


612 grams


19 x 8.9 x 8.9 cm


Water filled, latex free, hypo-allergenic


Why AcuBack?

  1. Effective: The combination of the acuProducts' patented design and heat creates unique therapeutic effects within 3 minutes of use.
  2. Similar effects to acupuncture: AcuBall’s advanced design and heating ability will also stimulate central nervous system which creates a similar effect to acupuncture.
  3. 100% natural painkiller.

Heating Instructions

Though you can definitely use the AcuBack without heating it, we wholeheartedly recommend trying to heat them at least once: you’ll never go back!

Both microwaving and boiling the ball will provide you over one hour of soothing heat. Let it cool to room temperature before reheating.

Boiling instructions

  1. Heat water on the stove. If this is your first time using the ball, do not boil water, but heat it to a comfortable temperature. If this temperature provides insufficient relief, you may then start to heat the ball to a greater temperature. Figuring out what works best for your body is key.
  1. Immerse AcuBack in water at the desired temperature for 12 minutes.
  2. Let the ball cool for a few minutes, then use.

Microwave instructions

  1. Placing Acuback on microwave safe ring (included in package) to elevate it off the bottom of your microwave.
  2. Microwave for 75 seconds.
  3. Wait for few minutes to allow the heat to spread evenly.

NEVER exceed 75 seconds in microwave. An AcuBall can and will bust or melt.


Information about Dr. Cohen

Dr. Michael A. Cohen is a respected practicing Chiropractor & Acupuncturist with over 25 years of clinical experience, who continuously encourages patients to responsibly explore their self-healing abilities.

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