Dr. Cohen AcuBall Kit

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Dr. Cohen AcuBall Kit

Dr. Cohen’s heatable set of AcuBalls offers the relief of heat, and the therapeutic benefits of acupressure! Simple to use and portable, these hypoallergenic, latex-free tools allow you to find all-natural, powerful relief anytime, and almost anywhere. This comprehensive, affordable set includes one AcuBall to soothe larger muscles groups, and one mini AcuBall for smaller muscular and articular groups, as well as a DVD that explains how they work.   

Incredibly versatile, you'll never run out of uses for the AcuProducts, and they'll make your old hot water bottles and heating pads seem boring and useless by comparison!

Why AcuBalls?

  • Effective: The combination of the AcuBalls' patented design and heat creates unique therapeutic effects within 3 minutes of use.
  • Similar effects to acupuncture: AcuBalls’ advanced design and heating ability will also stimulate the central nervous system which creates a similar effect to acupuncture.
  • 100% natural painkiller.

Though you can definitely use the AcuBalls without heating them, we wholeheartedly recommend trying to heat them at least once: you’ll never go back! Consult packages for more information.

Information about Dr. Cohen

Dr. Michael A. Cohen is a respected practicing Chiropractor & Acupuncturist with over 25 years of clinical experience, who continuously encourages patients to responsibly explore their self-healing abilities.

This set includes:

  • One AcuBall
  • One mini AcuBall
  • One DVD by Dr. Cohen

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