Disposable Plastic Cups

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Disposable Plastic Cups

Disposable Plastic Cups

Perfect for wet treatments, these disposable suction cups are nevertheless high quality and solid, allowing you to alternate between clients without exposing them to any illnesses or infections. Sold individually. 

Note: upon first treatment, manually open rubber tip before inserting the cup into the hand pump. 

Available in a variety of sizes 

  • #6 inner dia. 6.0cm (2.69”)
  • #5 inner dia. 5.0cm (2.37”)
  • #4 inner dia. 4.3cm (2.09”)
  • #3 inner dia. 2.7cm (1.46”)
  • #2 inner dia. 2.2cm (1.26”)
  • #1 inner dia. 5.3cm x 3.1cm (2.09”x1.23”)

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