Disposable Paper Sheet White (box)

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Disposable Paper Sheet White (box)

Disposable paper table sheets: lightweight, durable and comfortable!

It’s always a good idea to keep disposable sheets handy in a clinic setting, especially for more intensive treatments, or ones that are likely to create stains or spill bodily fluids. Though using sheets made of fabric is more eco-friendly, paper sheets make it easier to keep your equipment sanitary. 

These entirely natural table sheets are extremely soft and absorbent. They also provide better traction than regular paper rolls. Made of wood pulp, this material is far more comfortable than synthetic table sheets which can sometimes irritate some types of skin. Although these sheets are very light, they are durable and not easily torn.  Each 2-ply sheet comes folded individually for your convenience.

  • Each box contains 6 packs, for a total 150 pieces of 2-ply sheets.
  • 40x72 inches

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