Disposable Headrest covers 6pks

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Disposable Headrest cover 6pks

Disposable headrest covers are a great option if you have to switch between clients rapidly – or if you just don’t feel like doing so much laundry! Because they don’t have an elastic band, it takes half a second to put these on your headrest and take them off. They’ll provide full protection for your head rest cushion by warding off make up, sweat and oil stains.

6 packs 100pcs/pack 100% poly

Total: 600 pcs

  • Our headrest covers are compatible with any massage table headrest
  • Simply cover your massage table headrest with a new, clean, disposable headrest cover each time for every client
  • Come in a pack of 100pcs for convenient and quick use
  • Provide the comfort and ease of a headrest cover without the hassle of doing laundry
  • Made of 100% polyester fabric, the soft and absorbent material of the disposable headrest cover provides clients with incredible comfort while they enjoy a relaxing massage.
  • The disposable headrest cover makes no noise, will not stick to clients' faces and leaves no marks. It's really good for clients who wear makeup.


Note: Shipping is at a flat rate of 9$ for the set of six packs. Packs of 12 are not subject to this shipping charge.

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