Deluxe Kang Zhu Suction Cupping Set (24)

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Deluxe Kang Zhu Suction Cupping Set (24)

The Kang Zhu Cupping series of products eliminates certain disadvantages involved by ancient and traditional therapies: this set has a simple operational mode, a decreased risk of burns, an augmented number of treatable points on the body, and an extremely wide range of applications. It  changes air suction by fire to suction by vacuum.

These products can be used in clinical treatment and health self- treatment as it is easy, effective and safe to handle. The suction cups are absolutely prohibited for patients with hematologic diseases such as hemophilia, leukemia, pernicious anemia and thrombocytopenia.

High quality, lightweight plastic, magnetic cupping set with hand vacuum pump (suction pump) and 24 cups of different sizes. This set also includes a sturdy aluminium packing case, instructions manuals, and eight magnetic needles.


 24 cups per set

  • 2.3"/5.8 cm (Inner diameter) x4
  • 1.9"/5.0 cm (Inner diameter) x4
  •  1.6"/4.2 cm (Inner diameter) x4
  • 1.3"/3.5 cm (Inner diameter) x4 
  • 1.0"/2.6 cm (Inner diameter) x4 
  • 0.6"/1.6 cm (Inner diameter) x4

This set also includes:

  • KangZhu Cupping kit introduction. 
  •  Cupping therapy introduction. 
  • Suction Pump X 1 pc.
  • Connector Tube X 1 pc.
  •  South Pole Magnetic Needles X 4 pcs (red). 
  • North Pole Magnetic Needles X 4 pcs (blue).
  •  Aluminum packing case 

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