Delightful Essential Oil Trio: Lavender, Sweet Orange and Rosemary Organic DIVINE ESSENCE

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Sweet Orange Extra Organic Essential Oil 15ml, DIVINE ESSENCE

  • Stimulating and rejuvenating

Lavender Fine Organic Essential Oil 15ml, DIVINE ESSENCE

  • Relaxing

  • Used in perfumes

Rosemary Cineole Type Organic Essential Oil 15ml, DIVINE ESSENCE

  • Refined and memorable scent

  • Antibacterial effect

This trio of essential oils can be mixed together to create a timeless, complex and evocative scent, or used on their own for their therapeutic properties. This blend will be delightful when integrated into soaps, massage bars, candles or massage oils, and it can also be diffused or dripped into a bath. Though different proportions may work better depending on your individual taste, mixes are generally made with equal parts lavender and sweet orange, and accented with a few drops of rosemary.