Cutter Knife, 0.38mm Blade Thickness

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  •  Retractable, Lightweight and Compact
  •  0.38mm Blade Thickness
  •  Extended Use and Safety Lock Features
  •  For Cutting Boxes, Cartons, etc.
  •  Random Colour
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This Moustache cutting knives is definitely a must-have utility tool to keep around the house, garage, office, tool shed, kitchen, arts, and crafts bin. The blades are lightweight, compact and ready to use. There's plenty to use as a main or spare blade. Ready to use, cut and toss or keep some around as a spare utility knife in your garage, toolkit, home, and office.

  • Cut with Ease

The light duty snaps off blade allows for extended use through the guided line marks on the blade. As you use it more, the blade will get dull. For a fresher and sharper blade, simply snap off the blade at the desired line marking.

  • Safety Lock

Prevent blade slipping with the safety lock tab. Always keep your blade fresh and sharp by snapping off the blade for a new sharp cutting tip.

  • Lightweight and Compact

Fits in the palm of your hands. Recommended for everyday use or disposable. DIY, graphic artists/designers, students, hobbyists, office solutions, warehouse shipping, freight couriers, longshoreman.

  • Random Delivery