Cupping Accessories

Cupping Accessories

Pistol grip hand pumps and connecting tubes are essential for treating one's own body or for treatment with plastic cups. You can create your very own personalized cupping set by buying cupping accessories and individual cups.

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Connecting Tube

With this practical cupping connection tube, you can treat any area on your body that’s harder to reach, for example to provide powerful relief from tensions and pain in your lower back. Easy to use, ..


Cupping Hand Pump

Easy to use, allowing a powerful and gradual suction, this cupping hand pump can be paired with most of our plastic cupping sets, and can either be attached directly to our plastic cups our to one of ..


Cupping Hand Pump Small

Cupping Hand Pump Small Easy to use, allowing a powerful and gradual suction. Just pull the trigger several times to create more and more suction inside plastic suction cups. This small version i..


Pliers for glass cups

Use this pair of pliers to safely handle and light cotton balls during traditional Chinese glass cupping treatments. These pliers are durable and easy to use, with an added curve and length for greate..