Thera Crystals™ Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

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  • Glass & stainless steel
  • A crystal attached inside
  • Removable crystal display
  • For water only 
  • 500 ml 
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Drinking water is an essential to our life, but is our water always clean and pure? This trendy crystal elixir water bottle will not make you regret getting it.

For centuries people have used crystal elixirs, they are known for their powerful healing properties. Crystals can help in many ways and depending on each of the stones, they will have different influences on you. Other than only having healing powers, they are also a good purifier. This is why the crystals elixir water bottle will help you purify the water. They are perfect for crystal healing during your yoga sessions, work, gym, and a daily life essential and companion. 

You are not limited to few choices, but many: 

Rose Quartz is also known as the “love stone”, as the message projects its strong vibration of unconditional love, joy and emotional healing. It is for emotional stability, if you have a heartbreak, rose quartz is great for this. It will make you feel better in your body and inner space. This stone will restore trust and harmony in relationships.

Clear Quartz is a common crystal in healing, because it is one of the basic clarification crystals. It is great to restore and strengthen the balance in your life. This is why it is called the healing master. It brings out the purity and innocence in us. You will have a peace of mind and more openness to others, as you will have clearer and authentic mind.

Amethyst, the helper of the third eye. It helps to release stress and enhances our memory. It helps with anxiety, reduce fear, raises hope, and control over negative energy. As it this crystal transmutes the energy of the old into new and with its violet color calls to the vision of our lives and world, making us better critical thinkers. This is why amethyst is used in healing, for the alignment of the third eye.

Black Obsidian is the stone that represent the reflection of ourselves. It helps to self-love, to purify, and to transform. This stone will definitely help you to take out the negative energy, and attract positive one. It will act as a protection to you, it will shield you to anything negative. You will definitely have a better surrounding. Master the nagative space. 

Smoky Quartz is a very special crystal. The middle of two clear worlds. In the middle of clarity sometimes we need to find groundness, to assert our presence in this world without forgeting the lightness and clarity of our being. Connects you to earth because of its darker shade while maintaining you in alignment to higher dimensions. Be in the integrate and comeplete in the present moment.