Clip-on Car Diffuser

Clip-on Car Diffuser

This amazing car diffuser clips on directly to any air vent in your car, and can be used to clear and improve air quality as well as neutralize annoying scents: so much better than a boring old air freshener!

With their cheerful designs and choice of pad colours, these fun diffusers are endlessly customisable. They're available in five design: the classic yin yang or tai chi symbol; an elegant foliage motif; a wintery reindeer; a beautiful snowflake; and finally, an ever symbolic tree. 



The diffuser requires small yet thick and durable refillable pads; six are included, so you can use your pick of scent. 2-3 drops on a pad will last up to 3-4 days, at which point you can always add more oils. Made from stainless steel, it features a magnetic clasp that ensures that it will stay securely shut when driving – without becoming hard to open. The clip is also very resistent and has great grip, and it therefore won’t budge once properly installed.  

  • Size: 3cm
  • Surgical grade, incredibly durable stainless steel
  • Anti-slip silicone and stainless steel vent clip
  • Refillable pads 6pcs

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